Hi guys! I'm finally back, I was not active on WHI because I spent a week in Germany and I was so busy that I barely had time to breath.

As the title says, I'm going to do the "If I were a..." tag.
I thank Alessia (@justbeycu) who tagged me ♥

There's nothing more to say, let's start!

➤ If I were a...

1) Flower
I would be a daisy or a violet, these ones remind me of my childhood with my grandma who loved these flowers.

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2) Season
I would probably be Spring, when the weather is not too cold but not too hot and when the plants bloom

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3) Dessert
That's hard... I think I'd be strawberries covered with cholcolate

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4) Element
Water. I've always loved water, when I was a kid I was so in love with my swimming pool and I always looked forward to bath.

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5) Colour
I'd be green. This colour gives me a sensation of relax and happiness

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6) Character
Well, that's probably the hardest one becuase I'm not really into movies and TV series, but I think Angelina Jolie. She's really elegant and strong

Image by Luxry Angelina Jolie image

7) Drink
Orange juice. It's like the cure for everything. It's rich of Vitamin C and efficient against the flu.

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8) Food
As an Italian, I would say pasta

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9) Disney princess
I'd be Ariel, I've always liked her a lot

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10) Clothing item
A Jumper, what's more comfortable than a warm, soft jumper?

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11) Song
At the moment I'd be Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles

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12) Time of the day
Morning at sunrise, I'm a really morning person

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13) Quote

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14) Feeling
Joy. I love seeing joyful people, they make me happy too. I love make people joyful, even if it's hard sometimes, it's like a challenge for me.

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And that's all! I really hope you guys liked it!
To the next article :)

Kisses ♡