Hii my loves ♡

It´s April already and like every month I´m bringing you some songs you are going to fall in love with for sure.

I started with this series on February with the purpose of share old and new songs that are mostly underrated and have amazing lyrics with persons that may need them.

If you find a song here that help you, I´ll be so happy because it was the purpose of it.

So.... let´s get started.

✰*ೃ M y m y m y ! - T r o y e S i v a n ✰*ೃ

boy, gay, and kiss image
Shine on, diamond don't make me wait another day. 'Cause passion is passion, you know it just as well as me.

✰*ೃ I n m y b l o o d - S h a w n M e n d e s ✰*ೃ

boy, sad, and crying image
Laying on the bathroom floor, feeling nothing. I'm overwhelmed and insecure, give me something.

✰*ೃ F i r e - B T S ✰*ೃ

grunge, dark, and indie image Mature image
When I wake up in my room I have nothing. Once the sun goes down, I stumble. So completely drunk, drunk cursing around on the street, street. I’m out of my mind

✰*ೃ F i x y o u - C o l d p l a y ✰*ೃ

aesthetic, gif, and lights image
When the tears come streaming down your face, 'cause you lose something you can't replace. When you love someone but it goes to waste. What could it be worse? Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I will try to fix you

✰*ೃ L e t y o u d o w n - N F ✰*ೃ

dark, hands, and black image
All these voices in my head get loud, I wish that I could shut them out. I'm sorry that I let you down.

✰*ೃ J e t b l a c k h e a r t - 5 S O S ✰*ೃ

love, couple, and kiss image
But now that I’m broken, now that you know it. Caught up in a moment, Can you see inside? 'Cause I’ve got a jet black heart and there’s a hurricane underneath it

✰*ೃ 1-800-273-8255 - L o g i c ✰*ೃ

boy, alone, and grunge image
I´ve been praying for somebody to save me, no one's heroic. And my life don't even matter, I know it, I know it. I know I'm hurting deep down but can't show it. I never had a place to call my own, I never had a home, ain't nobody callin' my phone. Where you been? Where you at? What's on your mind? They say every life precious but nobody care about mine

✰*ೃ I f a l l a p a r t - P o s t M a l o n e ✰*ೃ

boy, smoke, and sad image
She told me that I'm not enough, and she left me with a broken heart. She fooled me twice and it's all my fault. She cut too deep, now she left me scarred. Now there's too many thoughts goin' through my brain and now I'm takin' these shots like it's novacane, yeah.

✰*ೃ N o t h i n g l i k e u s - J u s t i n B i e b e r ✰*ೃ

aesthetic, alcohol, and b&w image
Have you been drinking, to take all the pain away? I wish that I could give you what you deserve. 'Cause nothing can ever, ever replace you. Nothing can make me feel like you do.

✰*ೃ S h a d o w - A u s t i n M a h o n e ✰*ೃ

love, couple, and train image
I take you anywhere, I push you on a throne. I lay down my heart I swear and I’ll make sure that you’ll never be alone. Only my shadow knows how I feel about you.

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