Hello lovely peeps!
this is going to be my first post ever. i was thinking that i'm going to share a short story. so, enjoy! :)

today, i received two news, both good and bad.
first, the bad news. i heard that someone i knew just passed away today. someone that was so inspiring, always trying to see the positive in everything, so optimist. i was lucky to be able to get to know him although it was only for a brief moment. my mind goes to the family.

second, the good news. one of my cousins was accepted in one of the top ten universities and the best part is that the university is located near my house. my family is so content after hearing the news.

the thing is, a lot of things can happen in one day. while there is someone who has it good, just remember that there is also someone who has it rough. so it is important to be grateful :)