Hello hearters,

It's been a very long time since I last wrote an article. Until I received a message with a topic that truly inspired me. Self-love.

Self-love is a way of relating to ourselves that does not involve self punishment or harsh self judging. It's a good way to spread love (and peace) in our world.

This is how I think you love yourself without being selfish👇❤

1.Open mind..
Don't judge yourself, or people. Take things easy, and don't make big deal of thing. Also, try having a non-judging attitude. It will make you feel your love to yourself, and will increase your confidence at the same time.

Treat yourself with kindness, and don't be harmful on yourself. Take care of yourself, just how you will to a special friend.

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3.Being flawless isn't required..
Know that a mistake from you won't ruin your life. It's the complete opposite, it will make you realize that there is a lot for you to learn in this life. Neither me nor you are perfect, but that doesn't mean we should stop trying.

4.Live with your feelings, it's all right..
Don't feel different if you were filled with negativity, it happens the entire time. Sometimes, it's just there. Where you have to accept it, and live with it. This way, you will start to realize that you're accepting yourself and who you really are. And you might get better.

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5.Forgive yourself..
If you have done something that harmed you in anyway, learn not to do it again. Forgive yourself. Because I always believe that "You" are the only one who will be there for yourself. And you can not let yourself down, even if you were extremely mad. You know you more than you think you do.

Thanks so much to "C", who requested this topic to be written. Thank you so much.
Message me anytime, anything you want.

Penny xx