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Welcome to one more article! Today I bring you all the methods and what I do to get organized. Although I have a very busy life because of the school, I keep everything organized and I would like to share all this with you. Thanks for 3.7k! You can join me on Instagram @wtvjeni. If someone wants to make a collab, just send me a message.

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Starting at school I organize myself in three different ways.

annual calendar
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I use this yearly calendar to mark all the tests of the school year, including holidays and vacations, to get an overview of the school year! I just looked at Pinterest for annual tables and print, it's easy and quick to find. I put this annual calendar always inside my backpack, so that whenever the teachers say something I can mark it.

monthly calendar
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This calendar is always stuck on the wall in front of my desk. In this I put birthdays, important notices, I also put the tests and the most important part, the days when I have to start studying for the tests. This is so important because you can then estimate when you have to start studying and stay organized.

bullet journal
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Finally, I have my bullet journal, where I write weekly everything I have to do. So I never forget homework and small details of things I need to do. In addition to organizing myself, I also use the bullet journal to write things I want to improve and many other things. If you want I'll do an article explaining what I have in my bullet journal.


I still live with my parents, so I do not have that pressure to clean the house and do a thousand and one things, obviously I help them but it's not the same thing. But I organize and clean my entire room, which is also very important.

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  • Make the bed every day.
  • Clean the dust and sweep the floor every week.
  • Arrange paperwork, from tests and sheets that you do not use.
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  • Keep the basics on the desk.
  • Pack clothes and shoes everyday.
  • Donate clothes that I no longer use every season.
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  • Plan all outfits during the week.
  • See the foods that I can and can't eat.
  • Do my skin cleansing routine.
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  • Have a list of all the exercises I should do.
  • Read two chapters of a book every day.
  • Take a break time to reflect.
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My phone and laptop

  • Every day clear notifications from social networks.
  • At weekends respond to emails.
  • Every month I move to the computer, the photographs I took that month.
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  • December 31st I pass ALL the photographs I have for one pen and all the school works for another.
  • Once a month give unfollow to the people who stopped me from following.
  • Once a year do a thorough cleaning on all social networks.
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