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Chapter 22
Throne room


Ivy’s hand pounded against the sturdy wooden door. Trapped, trapped, trapped! It didn’t budge. Just stood in its place as grand as ever.

”Fine!” Ivy shouted and stroke her hand against it once more. Still nothing. ”Fine,” she said again, sliding to the chilly stone floor. Her head lapsed to her hands.

This is not happening, she thought. This cannot be happening.

A sharp knocking from the other side of the door tore her out of her head, out of her depressing thoughts. She lifted her gaze back to the wooden door.

The knocking sounded again. This time it was more aggressive.

Ivy stood up hesitantly, and tried to open the door. It didn’t budge, of course.

”Ah shit, obviously you’re locked in,” someone sighed. The voice was familiar, but Ivy couldn’t get a hold of to whom it belonged to.

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For a moment everything was still and the world was completely silent. Then a bright sparkling light came from the keyhole. Ivy stumbled back until she was standing back against the four-poster bed. Breathing heavily she watched the door slide open.

Her fingers were fisted in the covers of her hem, ready for a fight. But the in comer didn't look hostile.

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"Hi," Abigail said smirking.

"Uh?" Ivy released a tight breath. She didn't open her hands from the fists, neither did she feel any safer.

Abigail's burning red hair was billowing down from her shoulders, covering the pointed tips of her ears. She was wearing the same dress from earlier, but now it was tied in a way that enabled her to move more freely.

"So you like red too?" she asked pointing a finger to Ivy's direction. "It suits you."

"Thank you," Ivy said, not really knowing what to do.

"Not as well as me, but still, it looks good," Abigail said. "Do you want to do something fun?" she asked, a certain kind of gleam in her eyes. Ivy didn't like the look so she didn't answer.

"Of course you can stay here, too. I just thought you'd want to get out," Abigail said turning to leave.

Stay here, trapped. Or leave with that fickle creature. Two bad options, but which was the smaller evil?
When Abigail wrapped her fingers around the doorknob, a small panic started to bubble in Ivy's chest. Under her ribcage it felt like a swarm of panicking butterflies.

"No, wait! Please!" she exclaimed and dashed to Abigail's direction.

Abigail glansed over her shoulder a wide smile lighting up her face. "I knew you'd come around."

"I don't want to be locked in this room," Ivy whispered stumbling over her hem.

"Well, who would," Abigail said her features darkening. It looked like the shadows on her face deepened for a moment. And then she smiled again and asked, "Do you need help with the dress?"

"Yes, please."

Abigail gathered Ivy's hem into her hands and wrapped it once around Ivy's waist. Then she made a complicated series of knots and let go.

"Perfect!" she exclaimed admiring her handiwork. "Now, let's go before someone decides to check up on you."

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And with that she dragged Ivy after her and shut the door behind them. Abigail's movements were graceful and every step she took expressed freedom and fierceness. She held her chin high, like royalty. But she didn't speak like one. She was a mixture of restrictions and freedom; nobility and commonness.

"Where are we going?" Ivy asked while trying to keep up with Abigail.

Abigail gave her a mischievous smirk over her shoulder and said, "You'll see."

"What did you do to make Azaleia so mad?" Ivy continued her interrogation.

Abigail shrugged and didn't answer. Instead she grabbed Ivy's wrist and yanked her behind a corner. Ivy let out a surprised shriek and immediately Abigail threw a hand over her mouth.

"Be quiet, unless you want to get caught," she whispered.

Ivy gave her an irritated look, but stayed silent. Abigail peeked over the corner and plunged her head immediately back to the hiding place. She seemed to be weighting options, her red brows a wrinkled line. Then, when the voices from the other corridor got louder, she pulled Ivy after her.

"Follow me," she breathed.

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And Ivy did. They rushed through brightly lit corridors, turn after turn. And when Abigail finally halted, Ivy was completely out of breath. She drew breath rapidly, taking in all the oxygen she possibly could.

Abigail gave her a weird look. "Why are you breathing like that?"

Ivy let out an amused laugh. "I'm human. One that doesn't really exercise, so I get tired pretty fast," she explained.

"Oh, of course. I'm sorry," Abigail said, but she didn't look sorry. Her smile was so wide her white teeth were showing.

"Yeah, sure. What are we doing?" Ivy asked again.

Abigail's eyes gleamed as she opened one of the doors on the corridor. Ivy stepped through it. What she found from the other side wasn't a room. It was a balcony, opening over a huge room. A throne room. And on the throne sat Azaleia. Beside her stood Elroy, the prince. They both looked dangerous, lethally beautiful. Like sister and brother, carved from the same wood.

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"Why are we here?" Ivy asked, keeping her voice down.

"This is the first meeting in months. This time it's about you, I thought you'd like to see what goes down," Abigail explained as she sat down, away from the sight. Ivy followed her example and hid behind the railing. "But it's not just that," Abigail continued, "something goes always wrong. Elroy and Az never agree on anything, and when they don't agree it usually ends up in chaos."

Abigail smirked, "And the chaos is what I'm here for."

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