Hello everyone! :)

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I've diceded after probably 5 years on www.weheartit.com, that i should write something about myself. I'm kinda nervous writing this, but i will try my best :D

I started my weheartit journey with name just.a.girl. I think it was year 2012 or 2013. I fell in love with all images, all kind people here and i got inspired.

This page helped me through so many things like school, boyfriends, friends, and life.

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As years went by, i lost a little bit of myself. But i got back on track. I gained so much confidence, I don't let any people to hurt my feelings anymore and i started to work on myself. I am happy now :)

And who am I? :)

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This is me :)
  • I'm Saša (Sasha) from Slovenia, Europe
  • I am 27 years old
  • I am kind and open person
  • I live with my boyfriend
  • Currently I don't have a job, so I am focused to get one, and I'm focused on being better version of myself
  • I love open people, who are not scared to talk about their feelings, fears,...
  • I love love love sports <3 Like fitness, gymnastic, etc.
  • I love all kinds of music and singing
  • I love Christina Aguilera <3
  • I love crafts and organizing stuff
  • I love writing, even i don't write a lot ( I know i should :D) and i LOVE JOURNALS <3 I am thinking to start doing some journals for other people.
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On short, this is it for now.

I would like to thank everyone who works for www.weheartit.com and all of people who posts pictures and articles for such A M A Z I N G site, thank you so much for all the inspiration!

And just one thing.

If anyone wants me to write article about something, or post new collections, just message me. I dont bite. :) I'd be happy to post things you love.

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Bybye :)

UPDATE: you can also follow me on instagram: link in BIO :)