Hello Lovely Hearters!

Here I bring you an article about Bullet Journalling! Maintaining one helps you be more productive and brings out your inner creativity. There are no rules but this article includes all the things which would provide you with ideas for your journal.
So lets dive right into the Article!

A- artsy and aesthetic

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I know this is obvious but I want to convey that when decorating or filling your journal remember that nothing is over-decorated or too much art. Even if it could create a mess, even chaos is a work of Art. Just use your imagination and paste pictures,paint ,doodle and add aesthetics! Never restrict art. The journal should scream the word "YOU".

B- bucket list

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What do you desperately want to do before you die?

C- Clear

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Your bullet journal should be neat and it should clearly showcase your ideas and stuff. For example, your goals or recipes should be elegantly written down so that you can easily get back to the page and read it. Clarity is important because if you are tracking something using your journal, you should be able to track it accurately and properly.

D- DIY ideas

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For example, you want to create a room decor piece or decorate
your phone case and you have just discovered a super cool diy idea. You can always right that idea down on a separate DIY ideas section so that you can work on that when you have time and not forget about it.

E- enhance and emphasize

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Enhance certain words and titles so that you know they are important. Certain words or objects should stand out from others. You can emphasize on stuff by highlighting it, drawing a box or doodles around it, using and overlay or marking it with a different colour. This will also help tracking and locating things easier.

F- fandom inspos

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If you are a part of a fandom, include something related to it. This is a way you'll stay attached to your fandom. A bullet journal should be all about you so why not draw or write something about your fandom? It could be your favourite quotes or fanart. Who Cares if you are bad at drawing or have a bad handwriting? You are just showing love for your fandom. If you aren't a fangirl/fanboy then you aren't living life to the fullest ;)

G- grateful list

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Write what you are thankful for. This will help you appreciate things and life even more. Let it be the littlest things. Appreciate it and be grateful. It will also make you happy when you are depressed while you go through it. Don't forget to keep adding to your list!

H- holographic

I personally love this theme and the gloss in colours is really satisfying. You can have a page with a Holographic theme and paste pictures like the ones in my collection. You can label or Title the section like this
'Holographic Outfits' or 'Holographic aesthetics'

Here I end the Part 1 of A-Z Of Bullet Journalling ! Stay updated for part 2 and 3 guys and thank you for clicking on this one!

"You were created to create"