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By heart I am...

1 | A two am dreamer or a sound sleeper

I sleep a lot and I really love it. Sleeping in my fiancés arms is the best part of the day honestly.
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Sound sleeper

2 | Reckless or reliable

I overthink everything, so I would love to be a little more reckless.
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3 | A garden grower or a forest explorer

We have a little garden and I really like to sit there all day long watching our flowers and herbs grow. I find working in our garden is quite relaxing.
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A garden grower

4 | A newspaper or a colouring book

As a teenager I was chief editor of the student newspaper and I really wanted to be a journalist. Eventually I became a teacher, but secretly I hope someday I will write and publish my own book.
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A newspaper

5 | The astronaut or the moonchild

As a child there was nothing more fascinating for me than space. I read all the science books in our local library and talked about physics all day long.
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The astronaut

6 | Young at heart or an old soul

I think I've always been an old soul. Even as a little child I had a different and more mature view on the world. There are many things that people my age do or think that I really can't relate to and see them as immature. I think the fact, that my father, who was already sixty when I was born, raised me, explains this.
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Old soul

7 | A romantic or a realist

I've never been a big romantic. To be honest I'm feeling uncomfortable and almost embarrassed if it gets romantic. Of course I love it when my fiancé brings flowers for me or writes a little love note, but I can't stand the idea of a room full of flowers, candles or anything like that. Apart from that I think the real romance is in the little details of the everyday life with your partner.
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A realist

8 | A cloud gazer or a star chaser

The night sky has a relaxing effect on me. Sometimes when I'm worried or sad I sit on the windowsill of our living room and watch the stars.
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Star chaser

9 | A mountain or an ocean

I always loved the ocean and even have a small tattoo dedicated to my big love.
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An ocean

10 | The artist or the muse

Drawing, writing, singing, dancing and playing the piano are just a few of my favorite hobbies, so I'm quite sure I'm more of an artist.
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The artist

By heart I love or choose...

1 | Sleeping beneath the stars or sailing at sunrise

It's a matter of fact that I hate camping, so sleeping somewhere cold and wet where I could see the stars is just not an option for me. Sadly until now I never sailed, but I have it on my bucket list.
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Sailing at sunrise

2 | Flying to the moon or swimming to Atlantis

My love for the ocean is even bigger than my love for space. It has always been a secret dream of mine to hold my breath forever and dive to explore the ocean.
water, blue, and sea image ocean image
Swimming to Atlantis

3 | Polaroid pictures or handwritten letters

The first thing you forget is the face of a person, so I take a lot of pictures of my loved ones, I'm kind of afraid of forgetting their faces someday.
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Polaroid pictures

4 | Barefoot adventures in the jungle or exploring rooftops in Paris

I have been to France a couple of times and it has lost it's magic for me. So I would love to explore the jungle and learn something new about this very mystical place.
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Barefoot adventures in the jungle

5 | Summer nights or city lights

I think there's nothing better than the summer nights you spent swimming, laughing, eating, drinking and loving.
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Summer nights

6 | Paintings or poems

Even though I'm a philologist I'm more fascinated by paintings than by poems.
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7 | Rainy days or stormy nights

I have always lived directly under the roof. You could hear every raindrop on the windows and every howl of the wind. A stormy night represent home for me.
clouds, blue, and sky image ocean, sea, and summer image
Stormy nights

8 | Vintage postcards or antique telescopes

My father had a small telescope and would explain the stars to me every night as a child. He promised me to buy me a telescope one day.
architecture and building image photography, telescope, and sky image
Antique telescopes

9 | Constellations or conversations

As you know by now I'm a space lover. Thinking about the constellations of stars brings peace to me and to my mind.
hawaii, sky, and stars image stars, night, and sky image

10 | Déjà vu or nostalgia

Well I have a lot of déjà-vus and I really don't like the feeling of this phenomenon. But I like to walk between and explore ancient buildings.
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