Hello fellow humans. This is me.

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LOOK: My name is Tanvi. I am 14 years old and I am an Australian who's family was born in Fiji. I have short (recently cut), curly, black (turns brown in the sun) hair and brown eyes. I'm short for my age and have light brown skin.
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PERSONALITY: I consider myself an optimistic person, because sometimes you have to be your own light. I am mentally strong and humour is my only way of relating to the world. I'm a weird and different, but I like it that way. And I believe happiness is the key to life.
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FASHION: I have a typically good sense of style. It's not extremely girly (I'm not a dress sort of person) but it isn't completely casual. It's more of a casual chic. I love colour, and not too much jewelry.
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HOBBIES: I love to do a lot of things. But some of my hobbies and interests include. Music & Singing, I couldn't live without music, I listen to all types apart from country. I love to dance and sketch. And rollerskating and biking is more of a hobby, but is something I really enjoy and find relaxing (especially when I listen to music whilst I do it). Reading and writing books, because I love entering new worlds, and creating my own. As well as binge watching TV. I also love the outdoors and exploring.
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FAMILY: I love my family more than I love life itself. They are my world. I have one older sister, who is my bestfriend and she's amazing. And my two parents are the strongest people I know. They have worked hard for everything they have and deserve the world.
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FOOD: Food is my second love and so is pizza. I love food and eat all kinds. I'm not picky. My favourite food is pizza and I prefer savoury over sweet. My favourite fruit is mango.
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GOALS: I wish to travel the world and meet new people. To try new things and have a family. Mostly though I just want to be happy.