It's 2018, a perfect year to include new healthy habits into your life to overall feel better. Here is a couple of tips of easy healthy habits to slowly start incorporating into your day-to-day life.

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Fruits & Veg

Fruit and Veg is a must. I know that I might sound like a mom right now but we all know that it is true. With tones of fiber and vitamins fruit and veg get you feeling and looking a lot better in the long run. Either swap meals with fruits and veg or slowly start incorporating one or two at every meal!

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Switch it up

We all seem to be creatures of habit which may lead you into a rut when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Try something new! Whether that is a new recipe or a new kind of workout. When it comes to the way you live, why stay with something you do not enjoy?

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Wear something cute

It may sound very superficial but wearing something cute to the gym may get you working harder. If you by a cute outfit it is more likely that you will enjoy wearing the gear and you will end up wanting to workout in the end

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Remember that progress takes time

We are always quick to judge ourselves. Take a deep breath and remember that progress takes time and even small progress is progress.

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