1. Nutmeg + Milk + Honey

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Mix it all together until the texture feels like paste! This mask is good especially for acne (I have tried it and I love it!) If you have sensitive skin don't forget to test it to the back of your hand before put it into your face.

2. Egg White

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Put egg white to your face and wait til it dry, then wash it off. Its good to clean up your pores and tighten pores!

3. Banana Peel

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It sounds weird but it works! You can eat the banana and use the peels as a facemask. Easy, just wipe the inside of the peels to your clean face. Its realy good if you want a clear skin! reduce pimples, and brighten your skin. Just do it regularly.

4. Aloe Vera

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You can use it alone or mix with yogurt and lemon for glowing skin!