sad n broke about every white girl and james charles at coacheLLa so thought i'd write an article to make me feel even more sad n broke WOO!!

check out my last article hoEs -

essential no. 1 - cute hair

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space buns are literally dead and overrated but wheteVeR / braids?? are u kidding that's like the norm white girl style we geT it / pigtails are cute i guess / u could go all out and liteally cHaNGe the colour of your hair um u do u boo

essential no. 2 - face accesories

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i dont remember sequins eveR becoming a cosmetic but oKaY / apparently bandanas are a thing this year? how u gonna eat what the frick frack, but its the dolan twins so its acCeptAble

essential no.3 - no boobs

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i swear every girl at coachella has no boobs what the hECk not fair smh. comes through for a good outfit tho so whatevs not even mad

essential no. 4 - weird sunglasses

emma chamberlain image coachella, festival, and sierra furtado image
the star ones are cute so no hate and also its emma so LUV / sierra's are only acceptable bc its coachella u know but any other day um no thankq

essential no.5 - something see through

Temporarily removed black, bralette, and choker image fashion, style, and outfit image coachella, festival, and outfit image
all i can say is im noT sorry for your tanline after lol

essential no.6 - literally underwear

Image removed Image removed
arent u cold?? arent u uncomfortable?? isnt ur dad disappointed?? honestly tho i'd rather fsu in my pj pants hby

essential no.7 - boots

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i mean if it cOULdn't get any more whiter than this lol atleast it's not white converse or vans omg

essential no.8 - body paint

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prolly a bit extra but whatevs, wait wouldnt it just come off when u sweat?? from the beyonce hype?? idek u do u boo

thats it im tired lol goodnight

Nadia xx