"Write something happy."
I'm standing on the edge of a cliff and far away on the distant land of "happiness", you yell at me to "write something happy."
From the edge of my cliff I squint to see the faint outline of the land you reside on. The wind carries your words to me and I instinctively lean towards your voice. The rocks beneath my feet crumble below into the whirling waters.
I take a step back from the edge and yell back, "I don't think I can. I only write when I am in pain. Writing is therapeutic." But I don't think the wind carried my words to you. "It's impossible," I whisper.
The wind howls in my ears, and I hear my silent screams. I open my eyes to realize the land I am staying on is decaying. I cannot stay here anymore. "Wait for me," I yell to you, while taking one last look behind me. At my past. "I will try," I whisper as I hear your words ringing in my ears.
"Write something happy."

"I will try," I repeat, closing my eyes and jumping into the water.

-The land of happiness isn't as far as you think

field and grass image
I'm running towards the edge of the cliff because I believe in myself. I believe I will make the jump.

It is 1:30 am and I do not think I am capable of writing about happiness... Any other emotion, sure. Writing about happiness scares me. That's how I know I must at least try. Wishing everyone pleasant days ahead