Is it desirable to fall in love with someone who is really different from you?
I'm scared of falling in love with him,
I'm scared of what people are going to think,
I'm scared of my parents.

In the month of March I had been to this resto which was close to my house to get something to fill my hungry sad stomach, as I left my house and started walking towards the resto I felt ominous absolutely uncanny I've never been out alone wearing jeans, I just feel so awkward wearing jeans but all I have in my wardrobe is jeans and t-shirts, so it was my first time going out alone to a shop which was just a few meters away from my house probably 10 meters away :')

As I approached the resto it was packed I hate packed places so I thought of waiting outside 'til the place is not that crowded, fortuitously there was a bench near me which was empty I sat there for 15 mins, the huge bustling crowd now wasnt that crowded I entered the place and ordered spring roles they gave me a small bill and told me to give it to the chef who was standing few meteres away from me he was tall, huge he was sweating beause of the scorching heat in his kitchen which wasn't closed ususally all the kitchens are closed but this wasnt it was right infront of me, I gave the bill he stared at the bill for few seconds and looked up at me and gave me a smile and asked 'parcel?' I'm not really good at talking with homo sapiens except for known homo sapiens 'yes' I said bluntly,

and then he was back to his work, and then it hit me I just realized that I didn't smile at him back ugh he may think I'm a self-centred person and what not I told myself not to overthink,

I was waiting and waiting there was no chair to sit, I was standing there for almost 10mins now I was exhausted and abruptly out of nowhere there's this cute guy probably he's from north-east India or from Nepal he was really cute I couldn't take my eyes off him The small resto bustles with energy. Enough to light up a whole bakery or two. Waiters busily bring orders, refill drinks, and on occasion, chat with a customer when time permits. The waiters and customers just so happen to be your inspirations too. The more you learn about them, the better characters they become.
Scanning the crowd, you fix on a regular. A young nervous teen boy with chubby cheeks. In his hand he was holding a plate in which it had 4 naans seeing him I thought he was probably working there which I was right he is workin' in that resto, I couldn't take my eyes off him he then glanced at me I instantly looked away!

I started to panic,
now he might think something else oh god all my organs were turned upside down my heart beat was raising slowly he went out of my sight he wasn't there anymore which was a bummer the spring rolls weren't ready yet I saw him again but he went upstairs I just saw a glimpse of him by then my spring rolls were ready i took the package and went home.
I wanted to see him again.
I wanted to see him again.