288 days
I've known these 7 angels for almost 300 days and I couldn't feel any happier.

July 2nd 2017

the day I found out about bts. this is gonna sound very dry and boring but I know about them because of FBE. a youtube channel that lets different people react to lots of different things. right after I watched the video "youtubers react to BTS" I started doing my research on them. of course, like any new army member, I tried to watch videos and teach myself how to tell them apart and remember their names. I remember I liked Jimin a lot in the beginning (im not surprised, he's an actual god ya know) their music was very different to the music I was listening to at that moment but I managed to get myself used to it quite easily. when I was finally able to tell them apart I found out about a bias, and heres my first one.

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my first bias and moree

My first bias was jhopeee. I fell in love with his quirky and bubbly personality and related to his randomness. I would freak out about every edit I saw of him (I still do don't worry haha) and he was the one who made me realise how much I love bts and how they started to change my life, for good. my bias is jungkook now, he's my second bias. and literally ALL the other 6 members are my bias wrecker. I would consider myself a soft/hard stan. its like 50/50 you know OoPs.

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my actual sunshine
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the impact that bts has on my life

bts has managed to get me through very hard times, this year has been the hardest year I've had so far and the bangtail boys were able to let a smile appear on my face every single time id see a picture of them or watched a video. they make everything a lot easier to get through, I had a musical thing a couple days ago and whilst I was very nervous I managed to calm myself down by thinking about them. whenever im sad, or even just bored in class, I can just think about them and be amused. they help with my anxiety and calm me down after a very stressful day. they have made me a happier person. not only they as a person have helped me but their music has had very good influence on me too. whenever I feel panicky I put my earbuds in and put a song of them on. it calms me down so so much, just hearing their voices makes me feel like everything will be fine.

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the best leader there will ever be.
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he's right when he says he is worldwide handsome ;)
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the fluffiest fluffball
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a blessing to this world
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we don't deserve this angel
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the actual most beautifulest thing
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the love of my life.