Hello lovely readers, I've decided to share what my current favourite chill kpop favourites are. If your interested keep reading.

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lets get started. side note (theres ALOT of BTS & DEAN)
  • Dean-Instagram
  • Dean-D(half-moon)
  • Dean-21
  • Dean, Yerin Baek-Come Over
  • OffonOff, Dean-gold
  • BTS-Serendipity
  • BTS-Lost
  • BTS- Spring Day
  • BTS- 2!3!
  • BTS- Coffee
  • BTS-Begin
  • BTS- Run (Ballad Mix)
  • Zico- I Am You, You Are Me
  • Crush-2411
  • DPR Live, Dean-Know me
  • DPR Live- Right Here, Right Now
  • Loco-Movie Shoot
  • Jay Park- Yacht
  • Jay Park- Drive
  • Jay Park- Iffy
  • Jay Park- Aquaman
  • SIk-k- Habibi
  • Sik-K- Ring Ring
  • Joy ft Lee Hyun Woo- I'm OK
  • Joy- Your Days
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hope you enjoyed.