People tell you to be yourself (they also tell you how to be)
A little bit hard when you don’t know who you are.

But good news, you actually don’t have to be anyone.

I think there’s this tendency in society where people like to put themselves and others in boxes. It’s about wanting to belong. It’s actually a matter of survival. In ancient times, this is how you were more likely to survive, by being in groups, and today, although the dangers aren’t the same, the same applies.

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This “labelling” situation is overrepresented in teenage movies. And this follows to adulthood, where many people become their profession. There is nothing wrong about being proud of your profession. There is, however, something wrong about that being all you are. (I don’t even know why I am talking about that, I am just starting college)

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I think it is way better, more enriching, to identify yourself with ideas and values.

Identify yourself with ideas and values.

Back to my initial point: You don’t have to be anyone.

  • Just because you’re feeling grumpy, doesn’t mean you are bitter.
  • Just because you don’t feel like being super nice, doesn’t mean you are rude.
  • When I am sad, I allow myself to be sad.
  • When I am feeling shy, I allow myself to just stay quiet without feeling awkward.

What I have been telling myself lately is that life is an experiment.


This little phrase reminds me that I am allowed to do whatever I want and be wrong. I am allowed to screw up a thousand times, and still be proud of myself.

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