Day 7: Write about 3 things you like about you.

1) My handwriting

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I've been writing in cursive since I learned how to use it. My print writing is decent, but I feel that cursive looks more sophisticated and I think it looks really pretty. Even though some people have said it was "too good to read," I'm still proud of it.

2) My taste in music

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I don't really have a specific music taste, but I listen to a large variety of things. The thing I don't really like is what we consider "rap" today. I love any kind of music that's catchy, the way it makes me feel (sometimes I can't even explain) or when the lyrics speak to me.

3) My artistic abilities

Image by zjm.

I'm honestly a better writer than I am a speaker. I love being creative by writing stories, writing songs, poems or even just doodling I feel like reading helps people use their imagination and try to understand someone else's perspective or their point of view.