Hey! I decided to do another one of these because I still have so many great (sad) yoonmin reminding songs to show you guys. Enjoy (please don't sue me)

1.Nothing,Nowhere - Sayer

"How could you be fine when I'm barely getting by?
Like every word you said now, was it all a lie?
Just sucks to feel this way when I know you don't
Why can't I let go?"

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2. Party Song - Keaton Henson

"The thought of your hands
On his chest
Makes my stomach itch

And I see pictures now
Of the two of you
And it makes me sick

Damn, I love you"

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3. Fool - Cavetown

"Cycling to school at 7.30 in the morning
I am still your baby boy I’m stuck 2013

I was such a fool to keep on chasing after nothing great
You were such a fool to keep pretending that you’re loving me

Look in the mirror, I love that boy, don’t hurt my dear"

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4. I Gave You My Heart And Haven't Seen It Since - Awake

"I'll meet you in my dreams tonight
my darling your eyes are why my heart stops

wasting time away as i'm about to leave
worried as hell 'cause I might never see you again.
your quiet whispers in my ear"

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5. Cotton Candy Skies -Sean Bolton

"All these cotton candy skies
They make me think of you.
But you are with a different guy

I was always looking for someone who made me think of you somehow."

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6. We Don't Work Anymore - Awfultune
(this song hurts)

"you've got to admit
we sound great together don't we?
i've got to admit that i feel better when i don't see you around.

you've got to admit
that you only like me when your d*ck is in my mouth...

we don't work anymore
i left your shit at the door"

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So here you go! 6 more songs from my sad yoonmin playlist. Don't forget to check it out! It's so highly appreciated <3

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