I have insomnia, and have had insomnia since I was fourteen.
I think people tend to glamorize insomnia, it's tiring sometimes when I can't get to sleep until five in the morning and it sucks when I'm tired the next day and I know that taking a nap means that my sleeping schedule is out of whack.
The only good thing is that my mom understands, she merely kisses my head and tells me goodnight even though I'm in my early twenties and I tell her goodnight.
My parents have always understood the fact that I have insomnia and how I have to take melatonin to fall asleep. They understand the fact that I'm reclusive and that I prefer to write instead of being social even though they try to push me to be more social.
My mom takes me grocery shopping with her and sometimes we go shopping together mainly because of the fact that I also have anxiety and am too afraid to drive.
They also are supportive when it comes to my writing. Sure my dad wants me to not dwell in fantasy but it's just something that sparks so much happiness in me. My mom tells me to ignore him and so I do, even though I still get help from him when it comes to ideas sometimes. I don't usually go to him though.
Insomnia is also a side effect from the seven medications that I take, including a medication that is the chemotherapy class but don't worry, I don't have cancer.
I have to admit that it's strange to write this little article but I kind of feel good too.
Anyway, until the next post,