sure we may have grown apart
but we will always have that special bond
the bond of siblings, only better
better because we didn't live in the same house
so we never fought

as we got older, our interests changed
but stayed the same
we liked different things but also the same things
near the end, all of those differences made us change

we only talk on birthdays and Christmas
you had boyfriends, I had boyfriends
but almost never t the same time
near the end, you looked different

your nose didn't bunch up with your smile
your eyes weren't happy
your hair wasn't natural and you'd changed your style
in retrospect, those were all signs; I'm loosing a friend

the signs I didn't see until that Christmas
then in January, all of your things in boxes on your parents' porch
your whole life displayed for the people to see
just like that all of your changes caught up with you

all of the reasons your nose didn't bunch up with your smile
all of the reasons we only talked on birthdays and Christmas
growing up is hard and it will be harder without you
but life will move on with or without me.

So i'd better catch up.

  • I wrote this poem for my cousin who tragically left us. thank you for reading *