you may not know me,
and i may not know you

but here we are
during the same time

yet, your life may be
much more different
than mine

or his
or her's
or theirs

but here we all are,
coincidentally or by fate,
at the same place.

so now that you're here
i have a single request

and it's your choice
if you listen
or not.

it's quite simple:
be kind.

be kind to everyone
on this earth
for they are on this earth
and that is enough reason
to be kind to someone

be kind even when you don't feel like being kind;
especially then.

and be kind to those who aren't kind;
especially them.

plant seeds of love and
kindness into people's hearts
so flowers grow in their souls

so later, they can harvest their own seedlings
and plant them
in others'

so please take my request,
a stranger's request,
and be kind to everyone
including yourself.