The peregrination of changing my life honestly started back in September.

Peregrination: a journey, especially a long or meandering one

However, my life has been turned upside down in a few ways since then and while some habits have remained, I really need to take this endeavor off the back burner and start focusing on myself again. I've been feeling lately like writing about my life will help me dial in on the change I'm looking to make, and I figured that while I'm at it, why not write somewhere will other people can benefit from my journey.

You may be someone like me, who is looking to change their life and needs some inspiration. Or you may have things kinda figured out, and you want to stick around and give me some pointers, I don't mind. I'm here for accountability, that's all. I'm not sure exactly where this is gonna go yet, but it excites me. I don't care if you stick around or follow me or whatever you do on this site. (I'm not a social media guru :P) Buuuut if you do have some suggestions or advice, I would love to hear it! I'm here to write about my life, what works, what doesn't, what I need to change, what I need to keep constant... Whether you stay or not is up to you. This is for me this time.

Recap of my Day:

  • Woke up late 6:47 instead of 6 because I forgot to turn on the volume -.-
  • Read my bible
  • Did my chores and had breakfast
  • Did school (Chemistry, Geometry, Economics, Spanish 3)
  • Watched Youtube
  • Practiced guitar
  • Ate lunch and watched Youtube
  • Pattered around with the family and read Lord of The Flies for Brit Lit
  • Revised my A Tale of Two Cities essay
  • Watched Youtube
  • Did an arm workout
  • Showered and lotioned afterwards while watching Youtube
  • Ate Dinner
  • Hung out with my brother in a pillow fort
  • Made chocolate banana bread SO GOOD
  • Did more chores
  • Cleaned out and organized the bathroom
  • Watched an episode of When Calls the Heart
  • Got ready for bed

How did I fail today? Too much Youtube... vlogs are my guilty pleasure.
How did I succeed today? I wrote my first article...finally.
Tomorrow I will: Watch less mindless Youtube, only when I am able to do something else productive at the time

This is all I got for now! Please be patient with me as I'm sure the format of my articles will be changing for a while, since I'm trying to get into the groove over here ;) My goal is to write daily, but no promises yet... This is more of a documentation for me than it is anything else. I'd love it if you'd let me know what you thought of DAY 1.

Um bye.