You are absolutely beautiful.

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Because you smile, even when literally everything feels like falling apart.

Because you really care for others, even if you just really want to cry.

Because your eyes glimmer when you are laughing so hard you can't even breathe properly.

Because you are so fucking passionate about the things that you love.

Because you have an imperfect, gorgeous body and you sure as hell rock it!

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just look at those lovely marks; we're all like flowers, with our own unique patterns

Because you just don't know how incredibly amazing you actually are.

Because you try.

Because you are fucking art, and you're not supposed to live up to others' expectations but your own.

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Because you don't need to wait for someone to acknowledge your outstanding beauty. You are fucking precious even if none is around to notice.

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My god, you are so damn beautiful; because only you can be you.

And that's just the most beautiful thing on this motherfucking world.