• Name: Eileen
Image by Ana Paula Horta aesthetic, lifestyle, and theme image
Eileen is an Irish name meaning Light!
  • Height: 5'0
buildings, cities, and city image angel, fairy, and girlie image
  • Age: 22
Temporarily removed drink, pink, and strawberry image
  • Eye Color
eyelashes, makeup, and blue eyes image Image removed
  • Hair Color
Temporarily removed dark hair, highlights, and red hair image
Naturally a Blonde but my hair is dyed a reddish burgundy at the moment.
  • Favorite Fruit
FRUiTS, good, and healthy image fruit, food, and rasberry image cake, cakes, and chocolate cake image blueberry, food, and fruit image
Can't choose one so Kiwi, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Blueberry.
  • Favorite Flower
Temporarily removed carnation, flower, and white carnation image
White Carnations.
  • Favorite Animal
baby animals, cute animals, and dogs image Temporarily removed
Dogs and Sea Turtles.
  • Favorite Smell
gardens, summer, and Sunny image rain, greek, and blue image Image by Normont Marest beach, sea, and ocean image
Fresh Cut Grass, Rain, Coffee, and The Beach.
  • Favorite Color
Image removed sunflower, flowers, and yellow image
Black and Yellow.
  • Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa
classy, drink, and outfit image coffee, drink, and food image
Coffee and Iced Chai Tea Latte.
  • Favorite Season
sky, summer, and palms image autumn, leaves, and fall image
Summer and Fall.
  • Dream Trip
paris, travel, and city image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Paris and Italy.
  • Favorite Holiday
Image by Lera457 christmas, beauty, and decor image
Halloween and Christmas.
  • Favorite Type Of Music
purple, music, and grunge image music, blue, and badlands image
Rap/R&B and Classic Rock.
  • Favorite Food
Temporarily removed fashion, food, and pizza image
  • Favorite Drink
boys, aesthetic, and cigarette image blue, redbull, and summer image
Dr. Pepper and Blueberry Redbull.