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I still. Can't. Believe it. Tyler Morris is GAY!!! I just found out 10 minutes ago and I am bursting. This is it. I am going to be a publicist...or journalist..or detective! Something close to that! Call me Nancy Drew because I find out allll the clues. Mason is opening up to me and dishing all the dirty deets. I like him even more now, though it seems he's really enjoying those pills I deal him. The best news about this entire situation is he never said don't say anything. He blurted it out before he passed out from being so high. I don't even have to do anything to get this top secret info! Well, if you don't count that I practically drugged him. Now I understood why he looked like he'd seen a ghost at the party. Levi and Tyler...hooking up in a spare room. I had to share the news. I got out my phone and logged into the school gossip website. Created by me, obviously. But only I know that. 100k people have subscribed. Some people not even from this town. It blew up way bigger than I expected.

I know everything about everyone, and no one knows anything about me. That's how I like to keep it. I posted the juicy news and didn't pay attention the rest of class. I could not wait to see everyone's reaction. There hasn't been much drama around here recently, and my fingers were crossed that that was about to change. I was on a high only exposing secrets could give me. Don't get me wrong, using daddy's credit card is almost up there.