I swear being an angel has made me a more sensitive person. It seems no one gets hurt like I do. But just as much as the bad things hurt, the good ones feel just as devastatingly fantastic. It's a blessing and a curse to be me. I had a lot on my mind so I decided to ignore my responsibilities and read comic books. I really love comic books. Ever since when I was a kid. That reminds me. I remember the worst day of my life. Nothing can take its place. Cora took all of my comic books and set them on fire. Right in my room. She didn't even take them outside. I was minding my own business, probably training my wings to be strong - which was a lot of fun I must admit - until I smelt smoke. So I find the source. My prized comic book possession. Nothing made me feel better. When dad put out the fire, a fire in me died too. But I always empathized with her. I know how demonic she is, but she's a person too. And not giving her a reaction is my revenge. I'll be there for her no matter what. I'll always hope she turns out as good as I know she can be.

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While walking to the courtyard I thought a bit about what's been on my mind. Mason has been acting off. His skin looks grey, he's got a ring of dark purple under his eyes, and I'm starting to think he's obsessed with my sister. Borderline stalker mode. I'm more worried she'll hurt him than him hurting her, to be honest. He says everything's okay, so I don't push. The only positivity in my life right now is Riley. We hung out a few times when we were younger, but our parents have weird, unstable relationships. We share a love for books so that brought us to talking more. Luna has always been in her own world, doing her own thing. As have I.

I can't stand seeing Ivy and Tyler all over each other. He's acting like he doesn't know me. And when he does acknowledge my presence, he acts like a tool and purposely hurts me. I still like him. He liked me too. You don't get hard for people who you're not attracted to. I put some thought into it, and I wouldn't mind if people knew I were gay. It's who I am. I never hid who I was, why pretend to be someone else now? I wasn't going to beg Mason not to say anything. I could only hope he'd continue to be a good friend.

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I sat down to read. I figure this is what happens when we grow up. Everything changes quick. And not always how we anticipated it'd turn out.