1.- Hogwarts House:

ravenclaw image hogwarts, ravenclaw, and blue image harry potter, ravenclaw, and blue image ravenclaw, harry potter, and blue image
I’m a Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw’s traits: Intelligent, wise, sharp, witty, individual

2.- Patronus:

Image by Kany Image by Kany
Dapple Grey Stallion: means that I have a very passionate soul.

3.- Ilvermorny House:

Temporarily removed fandom, harry potter, and ilvermorny image
Wampus: represents the body, favours warriors.

4.- Wand:

ravenclaw, harry potter, and wand image harry potter, wand, and magic image
Laurel wood with a Unicorn hair core 11 ½" and Quite Bendy flexibility

5.- Pet:

owl, animal, and bird image owl, animal, and eyes image

6.- Quidditch Position:

Image removed Temporarily removed Image by Camila harry potter, ravenclaw, and quidditch image
I think I'd be watching the game, but if I have to choose… I’ll say Keeper

7.- Favorite subject:

harry potter, charms, and hogwarts image charms, harry potter, and hp image Temporarily removed book, magic, and harry potter image
Charms & History of magic

8.- Favorite spell and charm:

harry potter, spell, and protego image Temporarily removed alan rickman, aw, and gary oldman image Temporarily removed
Protego, Expecto patronum, Legilimens & Avada kedavra

9.- Favorite magical creature:

Image by Kany Image removed harry potter and phoenix image harry potter, gif, and phoenix image
Unicorns and phoenix

10.- Favorite place in Hogwarts:

Image by DaMARCOni Temporarily removed library, books, and hogwarts image library and books image
The Great Hall and the library for sure