I am just gonna leave some songs here, because i can't play them enough.

couple, love, and black and white image

*chateau -Angus &Julia Stone

aesthetic, alternative, and cool image


fun, girl, and lolita image

*trojans -Atlas Genius

aesthetic, coffee, and tumblr image

*2 -H.E.R.

aesthetic, beauty, and cadillac image

*hunker down -Corbin

girl, yellow, and aesthetic image

*beach baby -Bon Iver

aesthetic, broken, and grunge image

*lie -NF

lips, tongue, and grunge image

*breezeblocks -alt-J

brokenheart, fashion, and friendship image

*wanna know -Idealism

beauty, clouds, and couples image

*all this useless energy -Jeff Rosenstock

xoxo sina