Do you have the same? That sometimes you feel so lost, like nobody cares about you. Like you're the only person on this planet. It's just like nobody understands you.

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From the inside you're crying, you feel like you're dying. Every person you try to talk to don't understand your problem. And when you're alone at night, in your bed, you're crying. The tears are dropping on your blankets. And still nobody understand.

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You feel a little depressed. It makes you tired. You stand up, and fall down. Nobody's there to hold your hand. You all on your own. It's heavy. But you will come where you want to be. You've got you in your own hands. It's your choice how you want to do it.

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The past is the past, there is nothing you can change about the past. You can make excuses, but it still happend. Everybody goes on. You need to go on too. Look forward, to the future. Make new memories, make new friends. Sometimes it's better to go on. To let the past in the past.

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Making new friends and new memories is a part of your future. You're not alone. Everybody's with you. You just need to think very clear. Think twice about the choices that you make. Ask yourself the question if, whatever you are doing, is making you happy. How can you make yourself more happy then you already are? That are the questions you need to ask yourself.

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So go on, make a great future and don't look back. You have learned enough of you're mistakes. Mistakes are there to learn from, it's nothing bad.

It's all about you!