TYPE: air fairy

"Sometimes their voices are heard on the wind or their airy forms are felt in passing, though rarely seen. They are described as almost transparent, very small, and winged or alternatively as tall with long wings, large hawk-like eyes, and angular faces."


aesthetic, babe, and blonde image girl, art, and tumblr image beauty, colours, and eye image albino, blonde, and flowers image

My style

nails, rings, and tumblr image Temporarily removed Image by 90's Bitch dress, fashion, and style image Temporarily removed rings, accessories, and ring image Temporarily removed

My makeup

aesthetic, fashion, and makeup image pink, eyes, and aesthetic image makeup, beauty, and highlighter image

My home

fairy tale, home, and travel image nature, plants, and green image curtain, orange, and room image bedroom, room, and home image beautiful, cottage, and enchanting image

My wings

aesthetic, alternative, and angel image fantasy, fairy, and angel image

" Inhaled air is the sustaining breath of life, while exhaled air carries the words, poetry, and song that communicates human ideas and knowledge."

"In many myths creation is brought to life when a god breathes into it."