Hi cuties,

These past few days I'm feeling a bit unreal. 🙈 It might sound weird but when I don't feel 'quite myself' I always just ask myself a couple of questions.

This time I wanted to share what those questions are. Maybe it could help others too! ♥️


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Q: What is most important to you?
A: To be careless

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Q: Is there something you would like to dismiss in your life?
A: Negativity. In my case: Stop comparing myself and instead get inspired by people. & stop feeling uncomfortable in my skin.

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Q: What's the first step to feel better right now?
A: Doing something that I like. like writing, painting and photography.

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Q: Is there something you could do, that you would thank yourself for later?
A: Taking care of myself. Drink and eat healthier. But most of all to be kind.

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Q: I am grateful for..?
A: My family, my friends, the safe environment I live in and the luxury to complain about silly things.

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Q: What do you want in life?
A: I want to be treated equally. Be successful in my own business. Create memories with people I love and most of all.. be happy with who I am, no matter what.

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That's it cuties,

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I hope this article shows a bit of who I am when I'm by myself.
I'm quite an philosopher on my own, haha!

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