The time you realized that the FRIEND you cared about and loved dosen't exist anymore is the time your heart breaks into a million pieces. Because you have put your thoughts, tears and time on this person and they never even thought about you.
The time you had hope that they might like you and you guys might become more than friends was the time they wanted to get your attention so you never got over them.
They played with your feelings like it was a chess game. They made you feel loved one day and left you the next.
They were there for you the first time you broke down but left you alone all the other times. They looked at you in the eyes like you were the only one they ever wanted to see but that was just theire way to make this game harder for you. When they moved a step forward you did too, but that was just theire way to get around you and win this chess game. When they finally won the game they left it standing there alone in the room,
like they did with you..