first article, just made to express stuff :-)

a song with color in the title

Image by 311616am theme, frank ocean, and blonde image
Pink + White - Frank Ocean

a song with a number in the title

Temporarily removed tyler the creator image
2SEATER - Tyler, The Creator

a song that reminds you of summer

lana del rey, grunge, and lana image Temporarily removed
Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey

a song that reminds you of someone you want to forget

Lyrics and music image the neighbourhood image
Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

a song that needs to be played loud

aesthetic, alternative, and artist image Temporarily removed
Sunflower - Rex Orange County

a song that makes you want to dance

spiderman, tom holland, and Marvel image tom holland image
Save It For Later - The English Beat

a song to drive to

Parking Lots - Plums