so this is my first book post. i am an avid reader and i'm always looking for new book, but i never really get to talk about books i read. a lot of my friends don't really read so i have no one to talk books with, so maybe this can be my outlet....enjoy

  • a popular book series you did not like:

- Blue Bloods, Melissa de la Cruz

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this series wasn't terrible. it just kind of got all mixed up and started not to make sense towards the end.
  • a popular book series that everyone hates but you love:

-Fifty Shades Trilogy E.L James

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the movies killed the books. i really enjoyed the books but if you watch the movies they don't make sense. if you didn't read the books you would have no idea what is going on in the movies. what a shame.
  • a love triangle where the main character ends up with the person you did not want them with:

-The Stephanie Plum Series, Janet Evanovich

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these are some of my favorite books, the love triangle hasn't really ended yet because the series hasn't ended. but i really want stephanie and morelli to end up together. i'm tired of her bouncing between him and ranger. it's getting old.
  • popular book genre you hardly reach for:


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this quote says it all ^ if i am reading non fiction it's going to be for work or school or some kind of research i need to do.

*popular or beloved character you do not like:

-Lestat, The Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice

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he is a great character but man does he piss me off sometimes.
  • popular author you cannot get into:

-Stephanie Myers

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i thought the twilight series was great....the movies suck. but to me she is kind of a one hit wonder. nothing else of her's really worked for me.
  • popular book trope you are tired of seeing:

-billionaire playboy gets the girl.

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i love romance novels for the fantasy but i'm over the billionaires, it's almost too much of a fantasy. enough is enough.
  • popular series you are not interested in:

-The Chronicles of Narnia

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never have or never will be into these...sorry not sorry.
  • what movie or tv show do you like better than the

- True Blood/ The Sookie Stackhouse Series, Charlene Harris

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i like the books and the show for different reasons. i'm not too happy about how the books ended. and the show got a little crazy changing some things. but over all i think i liked the show better, which is super weird because usually books are always better.

so that's that...some of my unpopular book opinions. i hope you can agree and if you want to talk books, drop me and line and let me here your thoughts.