For the rich and the poor.
For what else could make a human, besides a lovely soul?

For the quiet street corners you passed a million times, but each time, they resembled of a different fairy tale - with the echo of your footsteps against the concrete blocks and the buildings with brick walls reflecting a different color of red every time, depending on sunshine.
'Where am i?', you suddenly wonder. Even if you've been there a hundred times. But there's something different. There's this new feeling inside you that turns everything you can see into a piece of art, incredibly appealing to your eye.
The brick walls of burgundy color reflect the settleness and warmth you feel around your heart. The sunshine, winding and breaking its way between tall buildings and lush trees, creates patterns on your skin, just like it did this morning when you woke up with a fluttery feeling of hope in your belly. And you smiled. Standing on the corner of your favorite street in the city, you check your watch. For the first time, you don't feel anxious nor helpless, but rather.. hopeful. The watch is ticking peacefully, second by second. And it won't stop. It will never stop. You smile again.

You raise your chin up and step firmly on to the ground you've walked a hundred, a million times. Day is waiting for you and the sunshine is just too soothing not to feel the best you've ever felt.
You may stay puzzled wondering about what's so different about this day, but you leave it be. You don't have to have all the answers. Another thing you wouldn't know is that as you walked, you left soft petals behind, glitter and pixie dust wherever you stepped your foot, followed by a misty trail of delicate scent of peach, cherry blossoms, deep turquoise seas and oh so beautiful freedom. You didn't see it, but others did. And you may have not heard it, but the wind whispered the answer you've been looking for. If by any chance you stopped listening to a nightingale's song or the happy, steady beat of your heart you could've heard the simple reason why everything was so different. The wind whispered that that day, you fell in love with life. But how irrelevant are answers right now, how small and far away are those places we were once so desperate to arrive to, yet how beautiful is the stunning simplicity we found ourselves in and how much rather we'd sit in peace, listening to a nightingale, than seek answers and chase life that was never to be chased, but felt, heard and simply, loved.