day 4; write about someone who inspires you.

hmmm, that's a hard one. would i seem really cliche if i said that there's no one in particular that inspires me?
i mean i like to believe that i get inspired by myself and my great imagination.
you see, i'm a very dramatic person, the drama queen herself, i can actually create a whole situation in my head and i tend to develop that situation and convert it into a fully-written story that's not always on paper, maybe just in my head, but like i said, i have a great imagination that can come up with the craziest ideas mostly bc of how dramatic i am, i guess being a drama queen isn't that bad after all lmao

but aside from my head, i believe that i get inspired by the stories of the people around me and how people all around the world act different than each other, the difference may not always be visible, but it's still there even in its smallest form. people interest me, their lives, their stories, they fascinate me, and i guess a great part of my inspiration comes from them.

will i ever stop ranting? i wonder lmao anyways sorry for the long rant but i really enjoy ranting esp. in challenges and on the internet, i love this. anyway, stay positive! see ya tomorrow!