Living in a city where everybody knows anything and anyone it's diifficult not to run into a familiar face! Well today I did met some of those and you know what comes on my mind when this happens? 'Fuck why!?', 'Did they see me?', 'Am I supposed to say hello?', 'What if I pretend that I didn't see them?', 'Maybe I should pretend that I'm talking on the phone' NO NO NOOOOO I don't even know why I'm doing this sometimes (I'm not antisocial i promise). In the end it's the same scenario:
I look at them.
They notice.
We both smile.
'Hello, how are you?'
It's that simple and yet seems like an accomplishment. Umm it is actually...
But it feels good afterwards. It feels good to have a small talk with someone in the street. It feels good to listen news from a person who lives a total different life than yours. It just nice. Be nice. Be kind. Be yourself. It will worth it. If it won't then you have to wait a little more. That's a fact, believe it.

Katerina XXX