Hi guys! Today I decided to write an article about my favourite all time series. Hope you like it!

1. Dance Academy

dance academy image dance academy and sammy image
This is definitely my favourite Serie. It's about students who go to the "National Academy of Dance". All characters are so diffrent that you have to love them all with all their mistakes. Their friendship is great and I think my favourite character of the Girls is Abigail and of the Boys for sure Sammy. But I love them all!
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2. Pretty Little Liars

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I watched all 7 seasons and would watch them anytime again. This Serie is very exciting and you never get bored. My favourite character is definitely Spencer. She is smart, honest, has great Humor, pretty of course and she has a fantastic style. I love her clothes!
pretty little liars, pll, and aria image troian bellisario, pretty little liars, and spencer hastings image

3. iCarly

icarly cast image miranda cosgrove, icarly, and nathan kress image
This Serie is amazing. It's so entertaning and I love everything about it. All characters are so fantastic and funny and that's why I can't decide the character I like the most. But I can tell you that I ship Seddie!
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So thank you for reading my article. Hope you like it.