Hello there!

So I'm here to inform you about my fitness progress in my -previously explained- project to healthiness.

This is a 12-weeks project that I designed with the purpose of losing weight, getting fit and getting healthier. I just joined a gym two weeks ago and I'm trying to go at least 3 times per week, but my goal is to go every day except Saturdays and Sundays (on Saturdays I would go for a power walk/run).
Every week I'll train legs, arms, and abs mainly, apart from the cardio sessions, and I'll be doing from body-weight exercises to exercises that incorporate weights and machines, depending on the muscle and the day.

This first week in particular, I couldn't go Monday and Tuesday because I got sick, but I still went the other days left. I did:

Wednesday: legs.

wednesday image Image by karlislove_1996

Now, I normally do legs on Mondays but as I said before I couldn't go to the gym that day. I did:

- Sumo squats with weight; 15x4.
- Lunges with weights (2.5kg); 24x2.
- Step ups; 30x2 (15 per leg).
- Seated leg curl - leg extension machine; 12x4 each leg.
- Leg abduction machine; 12x4.

There is this machine which name I can't find, but it basically works the lower part of the leg (specifically the calf). I did 12x4 with 7kg.

Thursday: Abs.

Image removed Calvin Klein, body, and fitness image

Abs I do on Wednesday, but anyways...
I did the Alexis Ren 10 minutes abs workout, available on her YouTube Channel. It took me a bit more than 10 minutes but I completed it, and that is what counts.
If you want to do it and you can't keep up with her times, it's ok, as long as you do the whole routine.

For example, she can hold a side plank for 30 segs straight, but I couldn't get past the first 15 seconds. So I did 15 seconds twice, which is the same but adapted to me.

Friday: full body.

Image by Helena fitness image

A plank's an amazing posture cause it works the entire body, and you can definitely feel it. Everyone can do it, and it's ok if you can't hold it for 1 minute straight. I usually do around 30-45 seconds, and I do it around 4 times. I always try to get to 1 minute tho, and I've achieved it a couple of times.

So, on my full-body workouts, I never use machines, I like using my body and weights. This week I did:

- Burpees; 10x2 (these are serial killers I swear).
- Squats with weights; 15x2.
- Lunges with weights; 24x2.
- Russian twist with medicine ball (5kg).
- Crunches; 20x4.
- Lift ups; 15x2.
- Exercises for arms and shoulders with 2.5kg weights (just a couple of exercises that consist of standing straight and lifting your arms in front of you to the level of your shoulders. Then the same movement but with your arms aside of you).

Saturday: power-walk/running.

Temporarily removed Image removed

For cardio, I always do about 20 minutes of power walk on the treadmill after my workouts (apart from the 10 minutes of warm-up).
But Saturday is a day I dedicate strictly to cardio: I do 30-40 minutes of power walking mixed with running.
My goal is to do just running, but my resistance is really bad, so I've been increasing the times or distances that I run.
This Saturday I did 2 minutes straight of running up a hill, which is pretty amazing to me. I felt incredible.

*Remember to always stretch after working out*.

So that was the first week of my project. I still have to improve so much, but you gotta start somewhere. I´d love to read about your projects, so if you are starting one let me know.

With all my love and support,
Aria. XX