As a figure skater I had to work a couple of hours daily, but in the 11th grade it's hard to keep up with sport and studies together. It doesn't matter if you're sporty or not, but working out is something you just need to make as a part of your life.

Since now I'm only skating only for two days a week I'm trying to stay in a shape by working out at home.
So here are some advices :

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1. Workout outfit
Honestly it doesn't matter what you're wearing. If you want to set a goal and reach it with clothes or not you will do it. But I would say that new Nike leggings are always a big motivation for me.

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2. Make your own workout plan
What I usually do is working on my abs, calves and thighs.


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3. Stretching
First of all never stretch without warming up at first. You might damage your muscles and it might take moths to recover.
Flexible or not, stretches are the best way to release all the tiredness after the workout. It's painful but at the same time feels sooo good. Try with easy exercises and in the end you'll be surprised what you're capable of.

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4. Eat Healthy
Some people think that going on a diet is the best way to lose weight. I personally don't recommend it. With exercises and healthy meals you'll be able to reach your perfect body shape. Just no fast food, pizza or other unhealthy products. It's hard but not impossible ;-)