I have been in a toxic and unhealthy relationship for months, this friend of mine just used me and made me feel bad about myself. I cut her off from my life and now i’m feeling better. Another friend of mine confessed to me that he was feeling really bad because of a friend of his and, after talking, we understood that he was in a bad relationship too. This is a short guide on what to do and how to spot a toxic or unhealthy relationship/friendship.

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signs to look for!!

  • you might feel like, in the relationship, you are the only one giving and you are receiving nothing. Relationships have to go both ways or they don't work so, if you feel like that person is using you, that’s probably a toxic and unhealthy relationship.
  • that person makes you feel bad about yourself and about things that are perfectly fine (i.e. they may tell you that you always look ugly, that you are super fat etc…).
  • they never support you. They never care about your interests and they may make you feel stupid for having an interest on something (i.e. thy tell you that you will never be able to do something, they tell you that they don’t care about it etc…).
  • they always judge you, no matter what. Some people just like judging, but if that person is one of your friends and they judge you… well, that might be a toxic relationship that you might want to end.
  • they don’t accept you for who you are. Maybe they reject your sexuality, your gender or the way you dress.
  • they don’t let you meet their friends, they never talk about you and they are kind of embarrassed when you are with them.

not all of these signs have to be present in a relationship for it to be toxic!!

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things not to do!!

  • continue talking to them and faking that it’s all fine. This will make them think that they can continue doing what they are doing and they will eventually do it to others.

things to do!!

  • try to confront them. They may have not even noticed that they were being rude and that they were hurting your feelings.
  • try to explain them why their actions hurt you and why you think they should stop doing the things that make you feel uncomfortable or bad.
  • if they don’t listen, cut them off for a few days or even forever. They do not deserve your love and your time if they are fucking assholes. It may be hard at first but it’s better to spend your time with people that you love and that love you back than to talk to people who only talk to you when they need something.
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i hope this short article was helpful!! Please, think about yourself for once and , if you think you may be in an unhealthy relationship, just cut those bad people out of your life.

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