There are some important things people don't know they have to learn.
I mean you don't have to but it's something that's going to help you and other people aswell.

1. I know how to react if someone faints

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It's normal. People faint all the time. So what are you doing now? If the person lies on the floor make sure the blood 'goes back' to the brain. Just lift the persons legs up. Also comfort the person and DON'T stand beside him. Go down on his level and speak to him like: "Is everything ok?" you know what i mean haha

2. Basic survival skills

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You can never know!!

3. Swimming

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It's easy really! If you can't swim, not a problem at all! Ask someone for help and don't be ashamed because it's for your own safety!

4. Code

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Basic codes like SOS or Help! You're not going to need them everyday but knowing them isn't wrong at all!

5. Languages

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At least one besides english...

6. Navigating a Map

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Always not wrong!

I know it's not much... It's kinda a Checklist for me and obviously for you!
You can find everything on the internet! Do you maybe want a part two?
I hope you liked it! Much love A♥