Hey everyone! Hope you feel good! 😀

I love read since I'm ten years old and I'm in love with the smell of an old books ahah. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourites books!

Heroic fantasy

book and lord of the rings image eragon book series image
  • The Lord of the Rings

These books are amazing, Tolkien is a very good writer and you live the adventure with the fellowship of the Ring! I'm a very big fan of this story.

  • Eragon

The story is great and the characters are inspirant and motivating. Moreover this book make me think about esthetic surgery and how you represent yourself by the way of the elves represent themselves.

Love stories

I'm not very interested about love stories but these ones are well writed and for someone who don't really like this type of books it is a good choice.

book, looking for alaska, and john green image looking for alaska, john green, and quotes image
  • Looking for Alaska

It's the first book of John Green, the story is very sad but the characters are so appealing. Alaska in particular has a great aesthetic. This book is a little bit poetic.

  • Another story of Bad Boys

These one is writted by a french young writer : Mathilde Aloha. She begin by posted her story on Wattpad. https://www.instagram.com/mathildealoha/
I think that her books need to be shared because the story isn't clichés and it's very fun to read it because of the cultural references and the differents point of vue (from different characters). The characters are so cute and seems real.


  • La nuit des temps

This book is one of the classics in French litterature, it's writed by Barjavel.
The story is very powerfull, it's the mix of an old war between two powerfull nation and the consequenties in the world at the moment of the story, with people from everywhere who are bringing together by the event (i try to not spoil ahah). There is poetry in these words.

  • All the poems of Dylan Thomas

I discovered Dylan Thomas three years ago in the trilogy Matched by Ally Condy with the poem Do not go gentle into that good night. I read lot of his poems and I adore all of them, I love his vision of the world and the way he represent it with words. Their are just so inspirant.

That's it, hope you enjoy my article! Don't be shy to send me a message to share your recommendations! 😀

See you soon! 😀