30 facts about me....this is going to be difficult. i hope i can think of 30 different things...this may take me all day. but here we go!

1. My name is Toni.

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no it is not short for anything. it's just Toni...with an i. i was named after my grandpa.

2. i'm a photographer.

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although photography doesn't pay my bills right now, it's still my number one passion and the thing i love to do most.

3. I have two college degrees.

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both are in fine arts.

4. I work in the car business.

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and i hate it! one day i will have my dream job.

5. red roses are my favorite flower.

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it's a classic for a reason.

6. i'm a romantic.

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i love love and romance but i hide it well. i don't like letting people know my little secret.

7. i love books.

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nothing better than relaxing with a good book.

8. my cat is my best friend and true love.

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this is my beautiful Ruby. she's the best!

9. black and white photos are my favorite!

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there's just something about a black and white image that is really captivating.

10. i have many tattoos.

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i couldn't find a good photo of myself and my tattoos but you get the point. i have tattoos all over my body. arms, legs, back, side, ear.

11. i have black hair.

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love fresh black roots.

12. i've had an iphone for a few years now and i still don't know how to work it.

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this damn thing drives me crazy some times.

13. i'm an only child.

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yeah...it is what it is.

14. i am half italian and half russian.

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it makes for an interesting combo, most people just think im spanish.

15. i was raised by a single mother.

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i wouldn't have changed a thing. my mom is amazing!

16. i live in south florida.

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lee county has it's charms.

17. i have worn glasses since i was 9.

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my eye sight sucks!

18. i drive a jeep renegade.

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kinda random for me but i love it.

19. my favorite car is a classic super beetle.

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just something about them. i have always loved them more than any other car.

20. my all time favorite movie is Grease.

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i just love it!

21. i think david bowie is sexy.

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he's an interesting looking man, but he had charm and style.

22. i can play the flute.

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yes i've heard all the jokes. but i played all through school until i graduated high school. i can still play, im just a bit rusty.

23. i wish i was a tiger.

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they are just so beautiful, and if i had to be an animal it would be a tiger.

24. i keep a journal.

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mainly if i hear a song or quote i can write it down, or if inspiration hits i want to make sure i don't forget.

25. i hate the color pink.

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i'm just not a fan.

26. my favorite color is red.

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such a good color.

27. i hate star bucks coffee.

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i will never support star bucks. hate it.

28. i think vinyl is the best way to listen to music.

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to this day it is still the purest form of recorded music, and i just love the little crackles and imperfections.

29. i hate wearing a bra.

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boob jail sucks. i wish i could get away without ever having to wear a bra.

30. i am a strange and interesting woman.

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isn't it better to be strange than boring?

well that's it, i did it! it didn't even take me all day, just half of the day. but i thought of 30 facts about myself. this was a challenge, but fun. let me know if we have any facts in common, i'd love to hear about your 30 facts.