Hey guys ! Today I decided to do a second "this is her" but this time with my best friend ♥ Let's go !

⇴ Style

etsy, linen dress, and maxi dress image black, fashion, and hijab image black shoes, casual, and denim image Temporarily removed

⇴ A color

rose, flowers, and pink image Image removed car, pink, and vintage image Image removed

⇴ Passions

chic, colours, and details image baking, cake, and chocolate image Image removed closet, clothes, and luxury image

⇴ Animal

Image by Crimson dog, animal, and cute image animals image animal and tiger image

⇴ Personality

Mature image Temporarily removed sleep, forever, and balloons image god, quotes, and faith image

⇴ Quotes

believe, bible, and black and white image be who you are, books, and college image god and real image balkan, book, and hate image

⇴ Mind

life, positive, and quotes image

⇴ Nationality

Temporarily removed lebanon image Image removed Image removed

Here it is ! I've missed some things because I didn't know what to put ♥