This article is not only about which presents are nice,good and cheap ideas, it's also about how to come to a good present for a friend, partner or family members.


Set yourself a budget, know your limits. For example if a good friend celebrates her/his birthday soon, plan first how much you want to pay. It depends on me how good I know them, if they also gave me a present already and how old they get. (For this you don't even have to know for which event it is. Birthday, Christmas,etc.)
For example:
A good friend - 10€-20€
18th Birthday - 15€-25€
Don't go over your limits.

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How good do you know this person? Sports, KPop, Games, Beautyproducts? If you don't have any ideas, ask them, it's better to know what they need or want then to make a present they don't like or won't use.
One of my simple and cheap tricks when I don't know them are: Sets or vouchers.
If you kind of know, make them a set. If they are a gamer, make them a snack set. If they love to make DIY, make them a DIY set (with an spefici aim like an DIY stuffed animal or pencil case).
If you don't know anything, give them a voucher for the matching shop.

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Group Present

If you can't spend a lot of money for one present, get together with the friends of them. Plan how much you want to spend, for example four people and everyone gives 10€.

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