Coffee or Tea
Temporarily removed
coffee, to start the day well!
Black and White or Color
fashion, outfit, and sexy image
no color please...
Drawing or Painting
art, drawing, and draw image
drawing for sure
Dresses or Skirts
photography inspiration, summer cosmetics, and tumblr instagram image
I would say Dresses but I love both
Books or Movies
leonardo dicaprio, the great gatsby, and movie image
100% movies
Chinese or Italian food
Temporarily removed
Italian Dahh
Early Bird or Night Owl
moon and wallpaper image
Night Owl
Chocolate or Vanilla
food, chocolate, and waffles image
chocolate with vanilla
Introvert or Extrovert
bed, morning, and sleep image
Introvert, just live me alone!
Hugs or Kisses
drawing, art, and arte image
Summer or Winter
Image by olartia
Winter vibes
Boots or Sandals
shoes, fashion, and white image
Silver or Gold
Image removed
Griffondor or Slytherin
aesthetic, animal, and beauty image
Fire or Water
Image by Alcira Reyna
Dancing or Singing
white, aesthetic, and pink image
Tattoos or Piercings
tattoo, girl, and hair image