As a big reader, there are plenty of books I've loved but these are my ultimate favorites.

The Unbearable lightness of being Milan Kundera

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Okay this is not the easiest book to read but it is such an interesting one! The plot takes place in Czech Republic, it is a very poetic book with a great sens of aesthetic and romanticism. It has some philosophical hints to it but let me assure you it's very nice.

so to sum up :

  • Very poetic
  • Talks about love and relationships in a smart way
  • An opening on czech history

A thousand splendid suns Khaled Hosseini

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This is the most moving book I have aver read. It traces the history of Afghanistan through two women and their destiny. This is a great novel that makes you want to fight for your rights and commit yourself to a great cause.

  • Feminist novel
  • Outlook on history
  • Very moving
  • Powerful story

The Uglies trilogy Scott Westerfield

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This trilogy is not the most original one you could fin but I'm deeply attached to it. This is a post-apocalyptic novel for teenagers and young adults. It takes place in a "perfect society" created after the end of ours. I really liked those books because they were fun, there is a lot of action a bit of romance and it was nicely balanced.